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November 03, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

Why not play Woods and Legault?

The Fury were head hunting our stars all night long. Acquino took a bad lick and Chaulk took several high sticks. Shaf had his helmet beat from his head. Kukulka took a late hit in front of the net and somehow Hanson got the penalty after Bouchard punked him from behind.

Gallagher is freaking awful.

Aqcuino, Saidachev, and Curradeau are impressive.

Good win.

Can Bert do this every game in this league? Do we really want him to do this? Hopefully coach will let Henley play when he gets here rather than sitting him next to Woods and Legault. That I don't understand...

The Waterboy got his first K's win. Good job. Don't tell his momma. What momma don't know, won't hurt her.


Why didn't Mitch Woods skate more than 1 shift tonight? Injury or avoiding the penalty minutes? Just curious.

I think the overall play this season is faster and more exciting than last season. Maybe because the Ks are younger and quicker?

Boucher looked solid after allowing the first one. Good to give Reiter a night off.

Aquino was at the right place at the right times. He had 2-3 other near-misses. It pays to be the aggressor in this league.

Too bad we won't see them at home again for another two weeks.


On the radio Chase said Woods had a bit of a shoulder injury.


It was nice to see Aquino have a good night after last week when he missed the side of the barn. That's that way the puck bounces I guess, one night you're the goat the next week you're the hero! Great Game and it was fun to see the Fury turn this into a hitting game from the start. I did think they started going up high on the Komets after Ramsey went crazy on the ref.


fights were good win was good. dont worry about headhunts when king henley arrives on the scene. komets will never lose a game and will be most feared team in the league. plus games will sell out because fans will come see the fights.

Hit Somebody!!!

Put a cork in it all ready.


no thank you bucko.

Jerad Shaw

Please, just ignore him and let Justin police his own blog.( Henley style)

I was happy with the way the entire team played tonight. Its a shame I had to lose a new sock cap, but it was worth it!!!

Josh Franklin

Good win by the K's tonight. Solid game from everyone.

This was my first game in a few years. Unfortunately, I live in Lapeer, MI, which is just outside everybody's favorite city, Flint. I don't get to come to my birthtown a lot anymore (once or twice a year.) The reason I got to come down this weekend, instead of Thanksgiving as I had planned, is because my dad had a stroke on Halloween morning. It started out as a minor stroke then, but he had a massive one Thursday night/Friday morning. Basically, in a nutshell, he's paralyzed on his right side and he can't speak or really see anybody despite following you with his eyes if you walk around the room. Thank god he can breathe on his own, and isn't hooked up to anything but a feeding tube and an IV drip. It's still been hard on our family though.

The only reason I came to the game was to get my mind away from things for awhile. I was hoping I'd get to see Woods play, since I heard a lot about him on JC's blog. Aquino was as good as advertised. Boucher was solid. Rammer's still a nutcase, and could probably still take his the guys on his own team.

Unfortunately on Tuesday or Wednesday I have to get back to Lapeer and get back to work and school. I'll be lurking around, and watching this season from the shadows. Hopefully I'll get to see the K's in Flint.


did anyone see that guy sitting by the visitor bench that just kept egging on the Fury coach... that was hilarious. he was all over the Fury bench all game and had those guys talkin smack back to him... i honestly think this guy was a hidden factor in the game for us, at moments the fury coach and bench players were too busy jawing back instead of concentrating on the game, it was awesome.


I was sitting right behind that guy. He was funny. He needs to get an assist tonight. He had Bouchard, Van Druden, Plante talking back. From what I could tell he was pretty clean with what he said.


God Bless the guy that had the stroke.Bertram can not fight every game,Hanson needs to step it up or someone else. Any word on Mario Laraque?


The only word that pops in my head is....



His name is Jerad Shaw. He was awsome


If you haven't already, check out the Saturday Bloomington at Flint box score on the IHL site. It looks like Flint is pretty much what we all thought they would were with their signings over the summer. Too bad less than 1800 were there to see it.


I don't know if I saw it clearly or not, but at one point it looked like Ramsey was throttling one of his own players on the bench! Looked like he grabbed the guy (not sure who, maybe the guy with the birdcage?) and was shaking him. Dude, simmer down! And I could hear some of what the guy yelling at the bench was saying, pretty funny stuff if you ask me! I think he's shown up for Muskegeon games in the past too.
Bertram rocks... just worried he's gonna wear himself out!


Go figure that Mondalek was the ref.


Disappointed we let Granbois go before a game. I liked watching him last year. I was also disappointed that they played Woods and Legault only 2 minutes. If Sims is worried about getting people in the box sit Bert. He pulls the stupidest penalties. But I am glad we have him. I was waiting for the Chaulk line to get going and they finally got it going. Bummer Sessa wasn't there. I am def. proud of Shaf last night. Thats the first time this year I have seen him skate hard. Curadeau, Saidachev, and Hukalo line just keeps rolling. I know alot of peopl don;t like Marchant but I was impressed with him last night laying out the checks. Glad to see Kukulka play his first home game and score a goal. He was laying hi body as well. Boucher did a fantastic job but he had me worried at times. He def. saved some easy goals for Muskegon. The game did get very boring at times but I think it was because Muskegon didn't have alot of physical players out there rather than Segal and a few others. I love watching Hukalo on the ice though. He is def. a pest but he deserves alot of penalties. He needs to keep that stick down and quit hitting people and hooking people with it. He is going to be in box if he doesn't. But all in all great job last night and GO KOMETS!


Bert took some dumb penalties, no doubt.

Aquino is a solid player in the league.

If Legault is only to get one shift he better make the most of it... Last night he didn't. I've been sticking up for him so far, but its time we see some action out of him.

Jerad Shaw

HAHA... Thanks for the nice comments guys. Much appreciated. All my comments are always clean. I had alot of fun in that section. I have been wanting to get season tickets for a couple years, but haven't found a place where I enjoyed sitting as much as I did last night. Still dissapointed in myself for hitting the shopping cart 4 times and not making it happen. And I used to play basketball..psst


way to go jerad! and love lost, you finally made alot of great observations! as for the game, good that we have a solid backup goalie. woods is hurt so no sence getting him worse off. legault is tough but as a winger he really isnt ready for this league so he needs to step up when he does get some ice or when henley returns he will be gone! shaf looked like the shaf of old. i think he just needs to get in shape and then well see him exlode in the scoring ranks. as for mario, i would welcome him back, just for his ability on the power play. we will never know why he quit the rough stuff during the second half last year but id give him another chance. good luck ks in the zoo today!!


5 Min, I saw Ramsey grab his player as well, but from what I saw it looked like he was yelling at the ref about his player being held when we put in the goal. I don't think he was mad at the player, just the ref and was showing him what happened. I was waiting for the sticks to hit the ice!!!


Woods was sent out at the end after the last goal and was looking at the Muskegon player by him for the final 11 seconds. Looked like he wanted to drop the gloves, but whoever the Fury player was, was scared and wanted nothing to do with Danny Stewart II. Funny Stuff!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

If Woody was really hurt, then why send him out with 11 seconds left to possibly fight? Made zero sense to me. Woods needs to play...bottom line. He is Mr. Excitement and is what people were wanting to see.

Any word Justin on Mitch Woods? Any opinion on why he didn't play?

Jerad Shaw

Ramsey was just showing the official what he thought the Komet player was doing, by using his player as a practice dummy. After Aquino scored his 3rd goal, I proceeded to toss my hat on the ice. Brand new sock cap, that covered up my ugly hair. Well, I didn't see it, but the fans around me said Bouchard picked it up, and spit into it a few times before tossing it aside. I was getting him pretty rilded up!! It was def. a fun night. By the way, it toke alot of guts for Segal to drop them with Berty. Huge size disadvantage. He had a nice cut on his lip to show that as well. He was a pretty cool guy though.


go komets yay


I was impressed with the game all around. I am not real worried about why or why not Legault or Woods didn't play much. It was a tight game for awhile and the guys who played the majority of the minutes did what they needed to do to get the job done. If Bertram fights every game...so be it. I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. He has doen rather well in his tilts this season.

Hit Somebody!!!

He has done well in his tilts. Game 25 comes and he might be fought to death.

"It was a tight game for awhile and the guys who played the majority of the minutes did what they needed to do to get the job done."

This sounds like the line we would hear under an old regime here in the UHL...Isn't this the IHL?


By all means, let's find something to be negative about after a win at home that ended 5-2 with a solid fight at the end and lots of things to be excited about.

Old regime, new regime, old song, new song, old blog, new blog.

Who cares!?! Not attacking anyone in particular (though it might seem that way). Just tired of the blogs ALWAYS being a place for any opinion --- as long as it is NEGATIVE!


So far already I think the games are much better then in previous years. I think they are only going to get better and we will have solid rivalries with everyone in the league. Only thing is I wish the refs would let them play a little more, but its miles ahead from last season. Keep it going IHL and show the hockey world how hockey should be played.

I think Bertram is giving the Komets everything. He is stepping up physically and not just fighting, but he is sticking his nose in there all the time for his teammates which is great. For being away 3 years I think he is doing a fantastic job!

Curadeau, Saidachev and Hukalo really play well together. I thought Boucher played very well for his first game, he and Reiter should make a real nice tandem. I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to see more of Woods and Legault, but I trust Sims and I am sure they will both be major factors as the season goes on, plus last nights game was tight.

Justin, I really enjoy the post-game audio interviews you do after the game, keep em coming and if possible longer. Again great job on those!

Hit Somebody!!!

If asking a question about why Woods and Legault did not play last night except for one shift in the first period and then both got a shift with 12 seconds left in the game is negative...then excuse me. I am glad they won last night. I just wondered why our new guy Woods didn't see the ice. Someone floating that he was injured without any real evidence of that yet is a bit puzzling. If he was injured...then why send him out with 12 seconds left to possibly fight? Makes no sense.

I love opinions about others opinions...which really isn't an opinion..is it?

Justin Cohn

Thanks; time is limited, so some interviews are short, but I always try to get some interviews up. Plus, I don't want to give away all the stuff for stories used later, but I'm trying to give you more than just coach's press conference and stuff I did before.

Justin Cohn

In case you don't know what we're talking about, audio is on Komets Korner.


Woods went toe to toe with Bootland. I hope someone got that on tape, because I bet it was a good one!!!


about time komet made a statement. we need to make sure tough guys like bootland dont push us around. now the komets will win. go komets

Justin Cohn

Anyone see the Warner fight? Colts losing 7-3, by the way. It's loud here. Darn loud.

Jerad Shaw

Justin, if you don't mind, can you walk down there and let Jennings know it's not a great idea to play behind Moss??? Oh yeah and let the stripes know that Freeney is getting held every single play. Although if they don't finish a drive, none of that really matters at the moment!!!

Justin Cohn

Don't complain. They're winning 13-7 at the half.

Jerad Shaw

They weren't at the time of that post!!!!! I feel better now. Heck of a run after catch by Addai

Jerad Shaw

Marchant gets the Komets on the board. 2-1 Kzoo @ the end of 2.

Hit Somebody!!!

Crappy day in sports.


Colts choked it away..way to go...

im just really really ticked off.


well abeatenhorse, there goes your intellegent theorey. three big fights but the komets lose. what happened expert?


I am waiting patiently for what Chinese Proverb abeatenhorse will respond with.

It just goes to show that fighting doesn't put the puck in the net. Although, I know it is a necessary part of the game.


i dunno. ask the bloggers who cry for team rough toughness all summer. i just wanna see more fights and old time hockey.


a wise man once said "if humans are the smartest of all animals why can a dog understand when we speak but humans not understand them"


patriot dont win that game without moss and colts dont win without harrison.


and komets dont win with less point than wing

Hit Somebody!!!

Justin, please put an end to this garbage.


only trash is you thinking you have right to tell people not to talk.

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