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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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October 01, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

Dang it!!!

I had my vote in for Enema Man...

Marty Magers? Is it a possibility? Doesn't someone all ready have his rights in this league? Possible trade coming?

How many veterans do we have at this point...how many can we have? Is it 7? Will we sign more? Are we done going after possible impact guys? Or may we see 1 or 2 more guys come in before camp?


Yea, I heard Port Huron wants to trade Magers for Kukulka.


Maybe Magers can be the annual fight on New Years guy.

Hit Somebody!!!

I don't think we would or should give up Kukulka for him. Just my opinion.


If anything, it would probably be for money. If its true.


We are trading him for cash...not Kukulka.

Hit Somebody!!!

Then I say....go for it!


i havent heard a thing about captain caveman. anyone?


any thoughts on the komets marathon that was on sunday on 57?

it needs to happen more often if you ask me!!


The K's should see what Monette can do first. This kid had impressive stats in college. Hopefully they carry over in the pros...and besides, why is everyone freaking out? Degagne is only inactive until next month. If longer then yes explore the option of someone else out there, but I think we can survive without him for just one month people. Stop geting riled up about the backup goaltending issue...

Hit Somebody!!!

No one is freaking out JRID....Holy Crap Relax MAN.

If I remember right, the talk on Degagne was that he might not even play this season at all and that the K's top priority was to find another top tier goalie. Reiter might work out fine, but is anyone that sure about him? I would feel much better with some insurance in the goal this year. We don't have Frenchy for 72 games this year. The kid from the SPHL is really nothing more than emergency help in case we need someone due to injury. Not really suited for this situation considering the plan was to have 2 solid guys with "AA" experience.

Justin brought it up, and no one freaked out.

Hit Somebody!!!

Doesn't Captain Caveman have a new tv show this fall? I hope he is not in ornge and black this year.

Jungle Monkey

Magers would be a nice pickup for cash considerations. I don't think we need to be trading any goal scorers for him however.

Paul D

What about Jason Tapp he would be a good pick up. He just cleared waivers. He is a idiot alot of times but when his game is on look out.

Jerad Shaw

I loved the marathon and totally agree they should do it more often. I love watching the old days of Komet hockey, cause I was old enough to remember the fun, but to young to remember alot of the games. How great was it to see Fletch skating again!!


I think Tapp signed in the CHL somewhere.


seriously it took me like 5 minutes to get the nutcracker....never felt dumber

glad to see Icy back. I can't wait for Komet Hockey

My wife bought all the orange hair coloring at meijer. get it now while you can cause you won't find it when you need it during playoffs

Paul D

Why can't we have real hockey in Fort Wayne. This just all seems bush league to me. I would rather spend a little more money and watch a quality game in Chicago or Detroit or even Columbus. Notre Dame is not that far away either.


It doesn't matter, since Cohny will be too busy with his Halo 3 headset on during home games.


Anyone who considers Notre Dame to be great hockey deserves to watch it for a full season.


really i went to western michigan and college hockey is just what it is, college hockey. some guys just fill roster spots. the talent level is below that of the sphl. ihl hockey isnt crap, its what it is, minor league hockey. if you dont lilke it then dont come, spend that extra few dollars(which really is around 50 or more minimum per game) and go to detroit or chicago. if you dont like minor league hockey , why are you blogging on here?? this is the hockey we can afford and have leaned to like it, so leave us alone.

Paul D

I have grown up in Fort Wayne following the K's since I was little. I thought this was a board to voice your views good or bad on the Komets. I loved the Komets when I was younger. But it is hard to love something and not have them love you back. I am not trying to knock down the K's. If you want to spend your hard earned money and support the minor league hockey scene in Fort Wayne thats great. What do you really get in return?


Minor league hockey in Fort Wayne. Do you want door prizes?


Everyone is freaking out in that we MUST sign another goalie TODAY or else were going to horrible this year. That is the mood and you know it. Christ, give the owners some time, they will bring someone in, I don't care who it is I just want the puck to drop!!!!!!....


" I would rather spend a little more money and watch a quality game in Chicago or Detroit or even Columbus."

Have a nice trip! Bye now.

Paul D

I guess the only thing I would want is a quality hockey club. Quality players that go to the NHL and new owner ship. To bad the Frankes owe money to some AHL clubs. That's why we don't have a affilate. Single A hockey is a great thing to spend your money on.


Here we go again.


Whats the goal song for this year? When is the toughness coming? We should be in the AHL!! Let's see....the Frankes owe money to the Players Assoc., Icy should be replaced by a Ostrich...am I missing anything? Oh yeah, we pay AHL prices for tix.


Why do people feel the need to plant a flag on the blog and announce that they are not renewing tickets or that their hard earned money is better spent elsewhere? Do you want a ribbon or a rubber bracelet? Nobody cares about your financial choices. You are not getting a badge of honor for cancelling your season tickets. Be gone quickly and quiety.


A trip to Chi-town this weekend is costing me around 500 bucks for a hotel and tix and everything else. Very reasonably priced......My season tix for two to the K's are 750.


Yeah, but...Halo 3.

Justin Cohn

Hey, I got a letter from a reader today who called me a "hack" said I should "make like a tree and get out of town" and that because I cover the Colts for the JG, I'm obligated to pick them to win every time. He also said he thought Ben Smith was bad until he read me. So, remember, as bad as you might feel with the new IHL, it could be worse, you could have me covering the team. Oh, wait. Shoot.

Paul D

Well thats cool. I guess I need to worship the K's on here or don't say anything at all. I was not trying to be a jerk. Why does everyone get some defensive on here. I was just trying to state my opinion.


Let's face it guys and gals, the caliber of hockey in Fort Wayne is much lower than it used to be. Anyone that watched the games on Sunday can attest to that. Sure, we would all rather watch a game in Chicago or Detroit, but most do not have the time or the money to do so. I support the K's because they are good kids who play for a love of the game more so than money. Let's just quit the belly aching and support the team. As always, we will have good goaltending when necessary, just enough toughness, a good mascot, great fan support, and ticket prices that are too expensive that we will all still pay for. GO K'S


Paul, the only reason why people are making a fuss about what you said is because it is not new...People have been doing this on this board for a long time now, and it gets old and no one cares if someone feels like the komets are not up to par with what some people hope or wish for.

People come to this board to discuss NEWS about the komets and the arguments about how bad the komets have become ever since the UHL is old and overdone for the regulars.

But in his defense we do not have a page for the crying and moaning where former or disgruntled fans can go and just have at it.

Oh as for Icy, yea he can stick around...he is way better then that Slappy piece of crap Kzoo has. ;)(he basically does nothing but skate around how boring)


Paul, if the new IHL doesn't work out, then I'll agree w/ you, but atleast give it a chance before you pass judgement.

I would rather have a higher league hockey, but at what expense? And I know I don't have 5 million to purchase and run a team, do you?

Paul D

Like I said my bad. For now on I will worship the Single A and/or AA Komets. Or just won't say anything at all. I can't wait to see Icy at the games. He is so fun to watch. I also like the Jeep girls the are so pretty. How is that?


Fairly lame to be honest.


You know, I've tried to keep quiet. But, I work for Bill Franke at KK, I know how hard the Frankes work to put a quality product on the ice, people just continually rip the Frankes. I love working for Bill, and I see how hard the Frankes work to put a team on the Ice, folks its not cheap, and if you wanna put up the millions and millions of dollars to run a franchise..go for it...but I'm happy with the product tha we get for the money that is spent. Be happy with what is put out on the Ice. Thats all im saying..now can we please drop the puck..GO KOMETS


The caliber of hockey in Fort Wayne is lower but not lower than last year or the years before. The IHL is AA hockey right now and it will possibly be thay way for a few years to come. Does everyone think that this team doen't want AAA hockey? That is why they made the change this year. They are building up to that level. It is funny how everyone bashes the ownership and the league but it is not your money on the line. If you want AAA hockey now then start your own team and see how long you would last paying all that travel cost. If your not happy the go to watch some place else. Most of us on here are sick of the complaining.



You are a lucky man to work for one of the Franke Brothers. I have known them for many years and they have always been very good and generous to my wife and I.

One year when I was more active with helping the team with on ice promos and behind the scenes stuff I saw the HUGE dry erase board listing EVERY sponsor, advertiser, promo, etc. and the status of each one of those items which numbered in the hundreds.

It was quite clear that board was the results of several months of hard work by Michael, David, Scott, Rick and others. Needless to say, I was impressed.

For those folks who complain about the hockey not being "AAA" level....it still takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to put a team on the ice and without everyone one of those sponsors, there likely would not be a team at all.

BTW, I was on the Blackhawks web site the other day....their ticket prices range from about $30 to $280 day of game. The rinkside first row seats are $11,250 for the season....for one person.

8 more days and counting.....

Paul D

I told you I was done complaining. Seems like there is some toughness on the blog. Wondering if the Frankes will call some of you guys up to try out. Go Komet's. I can get used to being supportive.



You have no idea how much Bill has changed my life for the better. And you know what he didn't have to hire me a year ago, but he did. He even came to my wedding in May. Bill, well hell, the whole Franke family are great people. Awesome family they have, and all i see is people ripping them. I'm done now..thanks Frankes for keeping the Komets going.



Morency made the Bridgeport team. Im really suprised.


I'm not surprised at all, he is all heart, he busted his butt last year..good for him

classy guy to..


I am glad that Morency is getting his shot at the AHL. Other moves of interest in the AHL, Chris McAllister (D) made the Hershey roster. Also KORY KARLANDER & LUKE STAUFFACHER were released from the Chicago Wolves training camp.

Dsigruntled Fan

Paul D,

Every one of your posts is on the money.

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